Video of Knox Oil Well

Video of Rare Knox Dolomite Oil Well

Posted on July 15, 2012 · Posted in Homeland Energy GP, Oil Definitions

This is a portion of a down-hole video log of the Garrett #1 well on the Garrett Lease in Kentucky.  The primary reasons to conduct such a log, is to provide additional information and data about the well and to allow the producer the chance to see the producing porosity and pay zone of the formation.  This video is a rare opportunity to see the Knox Dolomite producing oil.  In most situations the producing pay of the Knox is never seen as it is located at the bottom of the well and is always below fluid level.  This also provides the opportunity for inexperienced individuals to see that oil production is not related to large underground “lakes” or “pools”.  Oil is stored in porosity within the actual reservoir rock and is released only after well boring penetration.  In this video you can see two active areas of oil production, with one being the predominant entry of oil.