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The Team.

In the Kentucky Oil and Gas business the Homeland Energy Team brings generations of experience and expertise to each project.


David San George, Jr., Managing General Partner

Dave is a 30-year veteran of the construction and development industries. Based in Hobe Sound, Florida, he is a proven leader in running a multi-million dollar operation as President of San George Contracting, Inc. since 1988 and a Managing Member of Showcase Designer Homes, LLC since 1996. He has a successful history of project management, overseeing the development process, working with contractors and producing the highest quality products within budget and on time.
San George was key in recognizing the benefits of domestic oil production and having the ability to find and solidify quality relationships with reputable companies like Wilco Oil Corporation.


Scott Collins, Field Operations, Geologist

Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in Geology from Eastern Kentucky University and demonstrates an expertise of geological sciences. He is a Certified Contractor with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, a Certified Well Driller with the Kentucky Division of Water, and a Certified Underground Storage Tank Remover. Scott is also a registered NASAA Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent.

Scott’s knowledge has been influenced by a lifetime of education and experience in the industry. “It’s very dynamic what we do because of all the parameters that have to come together. It’s knowing what’s underground, based on what happened in the land thousands of years ago. Geology is a conglomerate of all the other sciences- biology, chemistry, calculus, physics – all of that comes into play, that creates the environment. You are constantly logging and analyzing the data, determining where to drill next. Even though a dry hole is an economic failure, 9 times out of 10 it is a geologic success. You have to establish what the trend is, once you’re on it, it’s off to the races.”

Working in the best interest of the investor is also important.  “I have long-term loyalty with investors,” says Scott. He understands that money invested in drilling programs is not about short-term or personal gain.  Developing strong relationships with vested partners over the long-term, where partners want to reinvest, creates the greatest oil production and return on investment for everyone.