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Oil holding tank at Homeland Energy A key benefit to the Homeland Energy, GP investment opportunity is how affordable it is

compared to other investments offered in this industry.

With Homeland Energy, a partner can own 5%

of an oil well for $20,000 to  $30,000, compared to other oil investments that can cost up to $100,000 or more for the same percentage of ownership, and have the opportunity to see the same rate of return as the higher cost investment. Partners can invest less for an oil project with the potential to see the same production rate as a $100,000 investment.

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Our current drilling programs take place in areas of Kentucky with key producer and partner Wilco Energy,Corporation. Wilco owners, Bill and Scott Collins, incorporate a lifetime of knowledge and experience in oil exploration and production for this area. Their success is attributed to their expertise of geology and knowing how to analyze all data relevant to every hole that is drilled, better known as “Closeology”. With their competence, familiarity with the land, and past oil production while using today’s technology, we maximize our rate of success for finding oil and return on investment.

We continue to evaluate and negotiate leases for new drilling programs. While we have the ability to maximize production in this region, we also have the ability to move into new regions and partner with the area’s best oil exploration and production companies. In Kentucky alone, there is an expected 1.2 billion barrels of oil that remains to be extracted. (University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey, July 2011)

Homeland Energy, GP employs an open door policy and invites partners to be part of the process every step of the way. You are welcome to visit Wilco Energy, Corporation’s office in Greensburg, KY, to visit the fields, drilling sites, and operating wells. Come watch the excitement of drilling and discovering oil. See how information is gathered and analyzed to determine the next move. Our partners are welcome to visit any time.

The excitement of oil alone may be enticing for accredited investors, but also important are the tax incentives put in place for investing in domestic oil exploration and drilling. Read more about the tax benefits.

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