Cuttings tell the story of Porosity in Kentucky Oil

Importance of Porosity

Posted on June 1, 2012 · Posted in Homeland Energy GP, Kentucky Region, Oil Definitions, Wilco Energy

Wilco EnergyPorosity is a term used frequently and is a key measure in the exploration of oil. During the process, the Operator measures the likelihood of oil by measuring porosity, permeability, and fluid content. Porosity is the proportion of fluid-filled space found within the rock, the space that contains the oil and gas. Permeability is the ability of fluids to flow through the rock. The higher the porosity, the higher the possible oil and gas content of a rock reservoir. The higher the permeability, the easier it is for oil and gas to flow through. Understanding what fluids are in the pores determine mechanical properties of the formations and help determine what recovery methods are used.

Understanding the quality of reservoir rock requires analyzing the environment around existing wells or holes and understanding geology, sedimentation, and seismic interpretation. With porosity being a leading factor in the discovery of oil, Wilco Energy has spent many years mastering the technology and science  of oil exploration and production. Their success is a result of this expertise they call, “Closeology”.