Operates on Relationships

Homeland Energy, GP Operates on Relationships

Posted on June 15, 2012 · Posted in Homeland Energy GP, Kentucky Region

Homeland Energy, GP comprises a team of successful business leaders who have joined forces with the best oil producers in the Kentucky region. Committed to investing in US energy resources and building relationships with accredited investors, Homeland Energy’s goal is to sustain a strong partnership over the long-term with the greatest return on investment.  They are an expert team that prides themselves on operating with an open door policy, giving all partners full access to the oil production process.

Managing partner, Dave San George, is a 30-year veteran of running multi-million dollar operations in the construction and development industries. He brings dedication and hard work into the development of this partnership. Key to this venture was joining with Wilco Energy, Corporation, an equally vested partner and top oil exploration and production company in Greensburg, KY that formed in 1977.  Owners, Bill and Scott Collins, are second and third generation oil producers who have demonstrated an 85% success rate during top production periods (where 108 wells produced oil out of 130) and possess geological expertise and experience in finding oil.

Accredited investors who join Homeland Energy, GP can rely on an open line of communication at all times with the Homeland Energy team. They are welcome to visit Wilco Energy’s office in Greensburg, KY and meet and talk with the operators. Partners can learn about the exploration process, how Wilco Energy operates on their “Closeology” philosophy, analyzing the environment and logging data. They will have access to every part of the drilling process, from meeting the drillers to watching the rigs dig 1400-1700 foot holes, and witness the discovery of oil and wells set for production.

Homeland Energy, GP offers a fully disclosed and turn-key oil investment opportunity, giving partners a clear vision of the team and what to expect in return. San George says, “Investors can see who they are dealing with and actually see how their investment is being spent. We have an open door policy and if you look at our web site you can see all the players in the company. I don’t think you can find that very often.”