Shallow Well Pump Jack

Example of an Oil Pump Jack

Posted on July 31, 2012 · Posted in Homeland Energy, Homeland Energy GP, Oil Definitions


This video shows a typical example of an oil Pump Jack in operation.  Pump Jacks come in many sizes and are typically made of steel.  They can be powered in many ways.  For the most part they are powered by an electric motor but can also be powered by a gasoline or natural gas engine.  Electricty can be provide to the motor by a local utility or via solar panels.  Natrual gas can be provided by the well itself.  Gasoline powered pumps are used for wells that are remote and only run once in a while.  A gearbox is next in line and is coupled to the power plant via belt.  These are long service life devices and require little or no maintenance.

The lever arm of the pump jack has a series of weights at the back end and a compensation head at the front.  The weights act as a counter balance and are determined by the depth of the hole.  The proper weight is critical for smooth long pumping life.  The oddly shaped head on the front compensates for the arcing motion of the lever arm and converts it into more of a linear motion.  This is done to reduce stress on the well pump.

For the most part these units are connected to timers and require very little maintenance and have a very high reliability rating.