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Homeland Energy, GP is a resource development company

investing in domestic oil exploration and production and renewal energy resources. We work with quality independent producers supporting domestic energy resources while decreasing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Our partnership is made up of business owners and leaders with successful histories who together specialize in finding the best and most successful partners and oil producers of their region.  We are dedicated to building this partnership with the best talent, to maximize our success rate in oil production and return on investment.
We provide an affordable investment opportunity for accredited investors who believe in investing in local energy production and understand what it takes to maximize resources while building long-term relationships.


Investing in domestic oil and gas production can be a very profitable

and rewarding venture. Our goal is to create an oil drilling program where we utilize a “never stop drilling” philosophy that allows us to move through projects continuously, resulting in positive flow of oil production and royalties paid. This structure lowers the risk and costs to drill while increasing the return on investment. Homeland Energy provides a significant layer of protection for investors because of the financial accountability held by key operating partners and by working with a producer who has 35 years of experience in successfully finding oil based on geological expertise. Along with this protection and tax benefits to partners, Homeland Energy,GP has the ability to build a long-term return on investment.

Why Homeland Energy, Why Now

Homeland Energy, GP operates as a strong team of accredited partners with an open door policy, a lower cost to invest, and a potential for greater return.  

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Oil in America

Under the current Administration, America’s oil production is at it’s highest since 2003. Independent producers are responsible for developing the U.S. oil base and drill 90% of domestic oil wells. American oil production continues to rise as our need for dependence on foreign oil decreases. This industry contributes significantly to the U.S. economy providing jobs and vital consumer products. The initial investment and oil production income also have tax benefits.

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Investment Opportunities

Homeland Energy, GP funds American oil exploration and drilling projects with an equally vested producer who utilizes a mastered drilling strategy that maximizes the potential for success. Our self-sustaining fund will have the ability to move from one success to another, applying a never-stop-drilling approach using today’s technology. This gives partners the opportunity for a long-term investment pay out over a possible 10 to 20 years.

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Homeland Energy GP, Develops Domestic Energy Resources for use today, tomorrow and long into the future.

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Copper Ridge Drilling Program Head H-1 Acid Job


This video represents a swab pull back on head H-1 of the Copper Ridge Drilling Program. A Swab pull back is the act of pulling fluid from the well bore.. read more

Copper Ridge Drilling Program Head H-1


This is a down hole video showing how oil is communicated to the well bore. This is a video of the 1st well in the Copper Ridge drilling program.

Copper Ridge Drilling Program


Homeland Energy has started another successful project with the Copper Ridge Drilling program. Please see video below.